Leave vol. auto in MIDI event while deleting it from lane?

Howdy. :slight_smile:

If I write volume automation by moving a MIDI fader (R/W enabled), that auto is visible in the auto lane, and also inside the MIDI event’s CC7 controller lane. Is there any way to delete the auto lane data, but leave the controller lane data in tact, so the proper CC info is sent out? I tried a c&p but that didn’t work.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

If I am understanding correctly (if you created that data via Automation Write, then what you are seeing inside the MIDI Part is just a visual indication… you can’t edit that data from there), you will need to use the function, “Merge MIDI in Loop”. This will “convert” your Automation into editable MIDI data inside the MIDI Part, and then you can safely delete the automation lane :wink:.

That’s it! Thank you! :smiley: