Leaving Head room after Exporing

Hi guys
I am in the final phase on my CD. I am trying to leave my eng. some head-room So I mixed every song at -12db which sounds great, but when I export the mix to rid the plugins and sends cubase automatically resets the output fader to 0. leaving little or no head-room. Should I then re-lower all the tracks along with the output fader?
I go to the studio tomorrow, so if smoeone could respond soon, I’d be very greatful!

Which Cubase version? What exactly is the problem? Since SX3 no version has ever reset the master fader on export. If it does for you, then you´re doing something wrong, or I´m misunderstanding you.
And don´t post three times the same thread across two different forums… :unamused:

Sorry I did’nt konw about the three post :unamused:
But I’m using Cubase 6.5