Led light U44C

I’m not sure if this is by design. The issue is that the LED ring on my UR44C doesn’t turn off when I shut down the computer. I’ve tried using both USB-C to USB 3.0 and USB-C to USB-C cables. Even when no USB is connected, the LED still lights up if only the power adapter is plugged in. As soon as I connect the power adapter (without plugging in the USB cable), the ring around the gain knob lights up. The most annoying part is when I have USB-C to USB-C connected and shut down the computer, all LED lights turn off in my computer and peripherals except for my backlit keyboard, and the LED light on the audio interface starts blinking constantly when my computer is turned off. When I disconnect the audio interface from the computer and shut down, all LED lights turn off, including the keyboard, but when the audio interface is connected to the computer and I shut down, my keyboard and audio interface lits after shut down.

I’ve accessed the BIOS and disabled power delivery to USB when the computer is shut down, but it still supplies power somehow. I turned it off before because my peripherals was lit when the computer was off. But now the light on my keyboard is lit - if I have the interface conntected thorugh USB-C to USB-C. I don’t know why it does that.

I have a 1500-watt power supply from Be Quiet! Dark Power 12 model and Asus Z690 Hero motherboard.

How do I get the LED around the gain knob on my audio interface to stop lighting up after I shut down my computer ? And why does it stay constantly lit when I’ve just plugged in the power supply to the device without connecting any USB cable from the device to the computer?"

At least, I would know if the LED on the audio interface turns off when you turn off the computer, so I can rule out some of the possibilities. I don’t know if its a BIOS issue or if it is the power supply or anything else.

The weird thing is that when I connect my audio interface, the BIOS does not respect my settings where I tell it to not supply USB with power when the computer is shut down. When the audio interface is connected to USBc my keyboard lits up when the computer shuts down. First, when I click on “shut down” it turns off the light on my keyboard, but it turns it on again when the computer has shut down completely.

Even if I turn off the power switch on the power supply, both the audio interface and the keyboard still have their lights on. Why? When I disconnect the audio interface from my motherboard and shut down my computer, all light in my computer and peripherals goes out with it. Isn’t that strange?

So, I just want to know if its possible to shut down the LED light on the UR44C when the computer is completely off? Thanks.

This is due only to the USB port supplying voltage to the attached device, whatever it may be. For example many motherboards have a USB port that will charge devices when the computer is off.

To be clear, this is not something controlled by the audio interface.

Yes, as long as the machine is not passing current to it.

Thanks for the respond.

As I said, I disabled the “USB power delivery in Soft Off state (S5)”, so it shouldn’t send any power to the USB when the computer is off, and it doesn’t, only when I connect the audio interface, it ignores that statement in BIOS. When the audio interface is connected, my keyboard LEDs are lit, and only the keyboard apart from the audio intercace. I have a mouse with LED light, but that light is completely off. Very strange. And if I remove the audio interface USBc cable from my mother board (I use only the USBc cabel, no power supply) all light of my equipments turns off when I shut down my computer.

It may not be the audio interface itself causing this, more like a BIOS issue or, or a combination of my powersupply and BIOS, I don’t know. Somehow my power supply still delivers power when the power switch is off. I noticed that yesterday when I installed a new 4TB m.2 storage device. I turned the power switch off and my keyboard and the audio interface still had their lights on, so I had to remove the power cord to cut the electricity completely.

So I know at least it is possible for the audio interface to turn its LEDs off completely after a shut down, that is very good to know. I was starting to think it may be a design thing or a feature. In the manual it says something like, “when you turn on the device the leds goes on.” but how can you turn it on when it does not have a power button, it only turns on when I connect the power cord into the device. So I was a little bit comfused what it ment.

So I have one more question. When I connect the power supply to the audio interface, the LED lights turns on, without connecting it to the computer. As soon as I put in the power cord into the device it starts to light up constantly. Is it normal? If its normal, is it true if I think it is the computer by software which tells the device to turn off the LEDs when the computer is shut down?

Right now I’m not using any power supply or planing to do that, I only use the USBc to USBc. But I’m intrested in to understand how this power supply works with UR44C, and if its normal if the lights lit constantly at the same moment you connect it to the power supply. I just want to rule out the idea maybe its something wrong with that behaivour. Thanks :slight_smile:

You are really over complicating this.

If the led flashes it is telling you, as stated in the manual :slight_smile: that the power is not entirely sufficient, even though the interface apparently functions.

If the LED is lit solid the unit is receiving power, that’s really all ther is to it.

Maybe read the manual for the device to get a baseline expectation so you questions can be clearer.

I made a video to show you how I’m struggling with this thing. But I can’t even share it. Maximum upload is 4 mb. And this forum does not allow any links. I wanted to link it to my onedrive.

It is normal

Okey. Good to know. Then it is a BIOS thing or and a power supply issue. Thanks. Then I will head to the Asus forum and BeQuiet forum to see what they say. Thanks.

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I found the solution.

I had to Enable ‘USB power delivery in soft state s4+s5’ in BIOS.