Ledger line affects arpeggio sign distance

The arpeggio signs for the first and third chords in the following example are farther from the top chord than from the bottom chord, and this seems to be caused by the ledger line. Is there a setting to avoid this?

Engraving Options<Arpeggio Signs has a bunch of options. Maybe there’s something there you can fiddle with?

Also, if you want to adjust only one, rather than making a global setting change in Engraving Options, go into Engrave mode, select the arpeggio sign, open Properties, and adjust the X offset in Arpeggios.


I can’t find an option for this in Engraving Options. There is an option for the Gap between the arpeggio indication and the notes, which I have set to half a space, which I think is the default distance. .

I would expect the arpeggio signs to line up if there are no accidentals involved since, in my opinion, ledger lines should have bearing on the distance between arpeggio indications and notes. The gap shown with an arrow in the Engraving Option is between the sign and the note head, not the ledger line.

If this is what Dorico does by default, I suspect that I will be adjusting all of the ones like this.

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It sounds like you might be confusing Engrave mode with Engraving Options.

In Engrave mode, select the arpeggio sign, open Properties, and adjust the X offset in Arpeggios.

Thanks StevenJones1. Very bad practice not to indicate who I am responding to. Sorry about that. The first sentence was in response to lafin, who suggested that there might be an Engrraving option. I can’t find one of those. Then the next part was in response to you suggesting that I could adjust them individually.

I know how to adjust the position of most things individually by way of the Properties panel. But I don’t want to adjust these arpeggio signs individually if I don’t have to.

I would like the arpeggio signs in both hands to line up automatically if there is nothing else to prevent it, like seconds or accidentals present. That is what I am accustomed to seeing and what looks correct to me.

Gould and Ross don’t seem to address this issue.

Indeed, there’s no dedicated option for this at present. I agree it would be good if there were.


Very good, @Daniel. Meanwhile, it’s just two arrow clicks to the right. Not a big deal.

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I guess it’s a work in progress, @dspreadbury. (Doesn’t feel quite right somehow.) I think I need to work on my internet forum usage along with my colors.

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How about these engraving options ? (shift+cmd+e)

That option does a good job of adjusting the length of the arpeggio lines. I like mine shorter, so I have changed those settings. Nothing to do with the issue in my OP, however,

You can even save it as Default.

…and that’s why I love so much Dorico, it can control every aspect of the score with ease.

Yes, indeed. I’m hooked on Dorico too!