Ledger Line Entry

The attached picture shows the piccolo and flute 1. When the flute 1 notes get too high, Dorico won’t let me enter the notes–it tries to jump to the staff above. I have to enter a lower note, and then use ALT+cursor (arrow key) to move the note up. The red arrow is pointing to a note I was unable to enter directly.

Is there a way to enter a note with several ledger lines directly?

This is a minor issue, but these little things add up in time.


Hi @konrad, you can enlarge the spacing between the staves (when working in Galley view) in Layout Options and put staff spacing to a larger number 220% or 250% so you have much more space also for the ledgered notes and it makes possible to add/edit them comfortably (default is 125% but as you see sometimes is not enough)

This doesn’t affect the spacing in page view :wink:


Great! Thanks.

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If you don’t want to change the spacing between staves, you might also consider entering all the notes one octave lower and then using ctrl-alt up to shift them an octave in one go.


Also, alphabetic entry makes arpeggios such as those very straightforward. You don’t even have to shift any octaves.


Thanks. I will review how that works.

Update: OK, I feel stupid now. I reviewed the training videos on note entry using the keyboard and number keys instead of the mouse, and it is so much faster I can’t believe it. (I guess you still need the mouse for dotted notes.)

Double tap the rhythm value number key to input dotted notes. No need for the mouse. Alternatively type the note value followed by . (full stop/period, on the main keyboard).