Ledger lines deleted by accidental when note spacing is modified

Hi, I enclose a project that shows how ledger lines are partially deleted by accidentals when individual position of notes is modified in “note spacing” editor:
Untitled Project 1.zip (513 KB)
I suppose that this should not happen:


I’m not sure how Dorico is supposed to avoid doing this. You should, however, be able to adjust the ledger line left-hand side offset to compensate for the large negative offset for the note.

Thank you Daniel. I have tried to enlarge the left-hand offset of the ledger line and it does not work, it keeps hidden. The strange thing is that this only occurs with the note B (one ledger line, above or below the G-clef staff). If I do the same with C, for example, the ledger line shows correctly. The following example, showns how I have extended the ledger lines to the left and to the right, and it only shows correctly with the note C: