Left alignment of systems


on an orchestral score, the left end is obviously set according to the space the instrument names need.

When there are more then one systems on a page, each system starts on another left margin. When the instrumental names are short (Vl.) the system starts more to the left then with long names (Horn IV in F).

It look ridiculous, when the systems on one page are not aligned and each starts on another position.
How do I get an suitable alignment on the left side?

Best greetings,

Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Staff Labels > Minimum indent for systems with staff labels.
It’s not ideal because Dorico doesn’t compute the best left margin for each page indivdually, but it allows you to have equal margins if you set it to a value that’s high enough. And you can always change the left margin in Engrave Mode manually if you need to.