left and right locator during mixdown

hello, I’m a bit clueless with all of this but working my way through it.

I’ve recorded a couple tracks for a podcast on the Cubase LE4 and now need to mixdown so I can upload the file to Itunes. But I don’t understand how to work or what is actually the purpose of the ‘left and right locator’

the first instructions of Mixing Down an Audio File is:

  1. Set up the left and right locator to encompass the area
    that you want to mix down.

Not sure how to do this in order to get to the next step.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



In the ruler you see the blue area with white flags at either end. These are the left and right locators. Basically, use the mouse to drag the left locator where you want the exported song to start playing and the right to where you wish it to end.

The locators are also used for other purposes, such as choosing where you want to start recording, cycling, and some other things. Sorry if I oversimplified anything that you already understood, but I just wanted to confirm that we’re on the same page.

Select the track/s you want and press “P” that will set the locators around the selected part/s