left dongle at home and am on the road

There are threads on problems with the dongle but nothing quite like this, so I am starting
a new thread.

I am a registered user of dorico and also purchased the dongle because there was no other way
to put it on my notebook and take it on the road. scary but here I am.

it is my fault (I am sure steinberg users have had this problem) but I left it in the computer (my desktop) at home.
I live in ohio and am now in los angeles. this is not the first thing that I have left at home over the years, but it was always
gear that I could find locally and get through it. This is an
all or none problem. If dorico was only a game but this is our life’s work for us, embarrassing and maybe even
professionally fatal for us, and worse, inevitable. It was my fault but are there alternatives in an emergency?

Can I download a trial version (I own the software and will purchase any paid updates in the future) over dorico on
my machine and use the trial version for 2 weeks? is there a way to pay a one-time fee for a registered user for 2 weeks?

any ideas? the ability to put it on two machines that is so common, works but steinberg doesn’t like this. Unfortunately, the present
dongle system is too fragile and outcome is inevitable for people that can’t afford the professional embarrassment
of this outcome.

Not sure, if buying another one and loading licenses thru eLCC to the new one could help in these cases(This is just guessing).

I don´t have anything against to the dongle system, but I really hope the next dongle could hold something like RFID, so you could buy many dongles(as they´re cheap) for different setups/places and activate it with tag or something that goes along with your keys or even your cellphone. The encryption would still happen with the usb key.

I guess someone at Dorico’s will send you a trial code, I did receive one when 1.2 was released (which I did not ask for, but I thought it could be useful in that kind of emergency case!)

Go to guitar center, buy a dongle and get a trial version of Dorico, all you will need is the trial activation code. You’ll be back in business in a few hours.

You then have a spare dongle with which to use with Steinberg Zero Downtime if this happens again.

edit: Actually, you don’t even need to buy a dongle if you just want to put it on your hd.

I keep one for Cubase on hand for this purpose exactly.

You can use the trial version without the dongle.

did get the trial version. It wants to install it on the hard drive and doesn’t give me an alternative
folder to install it. I assume that this is going to place it on top of my already installed version that I
use with the dongle. Once I am done with the trial version, what happens to my original install? I could
always uninstall everything and reinstall it with the dongle in place. can I install the trial version in
a different folder and not bother the original install on the laptop?

oddly, it was hard to download. have 100 mps download where I am staying, but it would load a bit and fail. I would
restart the download then it would fail again. eventually got 1.2 but don’t need the sound so just got the app.

You do not need to install the software, you just need to use the activation code in the ELC.

The license is completely independent of the software installation.