Left Hand Pane nonsense

Can someone please explain to a simple musician what the heck is going on here?
Cubase 7.5. it all works fine but this left hand panel used to show Steinberg info but not any more. My laptop is up to date.
This below is how it is actually spelled, it’s not a typo! Then some nonsense about TLS 1.1 1.2 etc.

This page canrsquo;t be displayed


Could you give a little more information, like your operating system and version? And maybe a screenshot of the issue at hand.
But my guess is that it’s because of the old Cubase version which isn’t compatibility with modern security requirements on the net.

Hi.thanks for the response. I tried a screenshot but it just pasted the two lines.
It’s Win 8.1.
You could be correct I guess but it’s beyond me.
I looked at suggestions online about TIL (?)settings but nothing they pointed to seemed to exist in versions I have.

Windows 8.1 is end of support since January this year, which means no more security updates, which means you probably shouldn’t use this computer on the internet anymore (only using Cubase should be fine, but no browser, mail etc…).
And you will probably have to live with that error message.

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That “nonsense” is the version of the Transport Layer Encryption of your Web Browser and is everything but “nonsense”. If you see errors regarding TLS your system is probably too old to support the currently active transport security of https pages.

That means you need a more recent Windows release, or at least modify it for the right TLS level, especially for your own security.

How To Enable TLS 1.1 & TLS 1.2 In Windows 7 and 8 - hide.me

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Maybe not nonsense for an it expert like you but for a untechnical musician like me who just wants to get on with it, it is.
I suspect like most things change is a cynical attempt to get us to buy new expensive hard and software. My system generally works. CB 7.5 does all I need why change?

You don’t need to, but then you need, as I already wrote, keep it off the internet. A computer system that is out of support and doesn’t get anymore updates is a security risk (not only for you, but also for others).

No, this is to make sure no one can take over your system by just driving by, due to you not taking care of your system.

Even as a musician you should make sure your work equipment is secured and not open like a garage door. This is not cynical, this is how the internet works these days and you are clearly connecting to it.


Point taken.

Its same on the right side, cant stretch it out if i want to se everything and long words. Its crazy that its a stop how mutch i can se.