Left locator options?

I work a lot in key edit, primarily with a short cycle of bars. I notice however, that when I have an existing Key Edit window open, and then select a second track, to open an additional Key Edit window, the new track opens at bar 1. So I have to hit Right Locator and then Left Locator to get to where I want. Hitting Left Locator first, does nothing.

However if I CLOSE the current key edit screen, before going to the second track, it behaves closer to the way I want, and goes almost to the Left Locator. Sometimes it takes it to the very far right of the screen, sort of annoying.

Are there options somewhere to handle these situations?


By selecting track the editor cannot open you have to double click to the MIDI Part. Or how exactly do you switch to the next MIDI Part in the 1st case you described, please?

My trick is to hit F key (Follow Cursor) twice to switch it Off and On. This jumps to the project Cursor.

Oh sorry for not being clear, Martin. I double-click on the midi part to open key editor.

Yes, I noticed this too and it’s a bit of a pain sometimes especially when you have to switch between parts often. I always hit the right arrow key to go directly to the event under the current cursor position. Or I select multiple parts so I can edit them all at the same time without having to switch. It would be nice though if we could have an option to make this default behavior. Maybe a preference or a menu option?

If you get locator where you want when not replacing a key editor window - try the settings in Preferences to always get a new window for every part - it might make a difference.

As I recall default is to have one edit window only - and replace that.