Left or middle mouse button to select?


I know this is a somewhat weird question, but… Normally I select multiple things using the left mouse button. But sometimes this will switch and I have to use the middle mouse button from then on.

The question is: Where did I click or which key did I accidentally press to cause this? (I’m using a German keyboard layout, btw.)
Personally, I can live with both methods, I’d just love it to stay the same…

Thanks to you all :slight_smile:

Is this just within Dorico, or globally? Windows or Mac?

What mouse is this, e.g. Logitec with its own drivers, or just ‘standard’.?

I wait to be corrected, but I don’t think Dorico has a way to change this.

I might not have expressed myself correctly: Only the function to select multiple things (click + draw rectangle) is moving from one button to the other :wink: Everything is (and stays) completely fine.
It’s not a complete system-wide flip of mouse buttons.

Hi there

You appear to be swapping between Hand Tool and Marquee Tool, found on the bottom edge of the application window, to the left of the View selector (Page View or Galley View).

There is a keyboard shortcut (H in my version, probably different for the German keyboard) that toggles between these.

Hope that helps

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Aaaaaaah - this makes so much sense!
Since I use Dorico in German, every now and then I will try to enter a B using the H key, since “B” is called “H” in German. I never cought that this key stroke had uninteded consequences :smiley:

Thanks! :beer:

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