Left panel doesn't response to clicks


I’m using Cubase LE6 version 6.0.7 64 Bit (Windows 7) and having this problem where when I click on one of the buttons on the left panel (see attachment), nothing happens, nothing expands.

I tried to delete the preferences folder under %appdata%/Steinberg, this didn’t helped.

Any more suggestions please?


Hi and welcome,

Do you click, or double-click? Click should work.

Thank you for the answer

Unfortunately this didn’t help.
I click, I guess double click should work also.

Nothing response on this panel, you can see it opened up since I got it this way when I choose a specific template.
I can’t move the gain scroller or press on any of the buttons (record, monitor ans so on).
If i’ll open the equalizer through the mixer(F3), I can do all this operations.

BTW, right click works on that panel, but I only get to setup what I can see on it.

Double-click would open-close it.

But if the trash of the Preferences doesn’t help… I have no idea. Maybe Trash Preferences + reinstal.

I tried it now, both 32 and 64 bit version. Had no luck :frowning:

I’ve found out the “setup layout” option, and there it say that this panel is actually called Inspector.
So I googled it, and found quite a few users who had the same problem.
Some related it too midi devices, which I don’t have.
Some suggested to restart the computer which I haven’t tried yet, but I find it quite frustrating restarting the computer every time the inspector is not responding…

Indeed, this is called Inspector.

I wouldn’t say, this issue is common. I really didn’t read about it until your post.