Left-Right Arrow movement when note selected

I noticed that when, in Write Mode, I select a note (highlighted in orange) and use right or left arrow to move through passages (single voice), some of the notes are passed by (not highlighted in orange). When this happens using the right arrow key, I have to use the left arrow key to highlight the note that was missed and then proceed with the right arrow key again. Has anyone experienced this behavior?

As far as I have understood, with the arrow keys you can navigate through the score. That is more, than just sticking to one voice.

Yes, k_b (Klaus Bundies, I presume?) is quite right: when you navigate through the score in Write mode with the arrow keys, you can navigate to any item in the direction of the arrow key you press. This does take a bit of getting used to, and it might in future be useful for us to add additional navigation commands that stay within the same voice, but we wanted the navigation between Write and Engrave modes to be as consistent as possible, and the navigation in Engrave mode is designed to allow you to select any item (and any fragment of an item, such as a specific handle on the end of a stem or halfway along a slur etc.) simply by navigating in its general direction.