Left/Right Indicators Reset When Clicking Within Track

Hello all,
I have upgraded from 4 to 7 and running into multitudes of time consuming weirdness. This is my latest…

Normally, I set my left and right indicators at the beginning and end of a song. Sometimes you will set a spot for looping or punching in or what have you. With Cubase 7 the indicators both reset to your cursor spot if you click within a track in the project view. I cannot figure out how to prevent this.

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Simple principle: check your preferences.

Thanks for the reply,
I have poured through preferences over and over again. I don’t see anything that would apply or perhaps I don’t know the proper terminology. Which section under preferences are you referring to?

I don’ t know, since I’ m not in front of Cubase atm. But I suppose your problem occurs, when the range tool is selected…?
If so there is a preference for that. “Locators follow range selection” or something like that.

I wish there were such a preference, that would be great, but, as far as I can see, there is not.
The problem does occur when using the range tool. There are key commands for making the indicators move to cursor position under the “edit” command but I am having the indicators move to cursor position as soon as I click within a track (as if to copy a selection of a waveform e.g.). It doesn’t even wait for a double click. I want to prevent that action.
Thanks again

This one is there. Seems not to be the solution to your problem though…

I remember that setting option in the older versions but in this new version 7 I cannot find anything similar.
I’ll keep on looking, though.

“Editing” -> “cycle follows range selection”

That is the answer!
I looked at this a million times but the semantics of it made no sense to me. I assumed that would control the range if I had the “cycle” button engaged.
Thank you at least for understanding what I was talking about.