Left/Right Locator to Arranger Event

Hi there, wondering if it is possible to create a new arranger event by setting left and right locators, instead of drawing by mouse. I can’t seen to find something like this in the commands menu.

Thank you!

It’s the same as any track, as far as that goes.

You can copy and paste.

Not sure I understand this, sorry.
Say, I have setup my left locator to 1, and right to 5. I want to create a new arranger event to this range, even more when I have setup events, to replace an event’s range to my new locators. I don’t quite get the copy/paste suggestion.

There’s no explicit command to create a part or event.

Double click inside the locators on the Arranger track.

Copy an existing event, and paste

That’s exactly what I want to avoid, by having a key command bound to my controller :slight_smile:

Anyway, no big deal, I guess your answer covered my question.