Left / right zone = select wich display


today the setup for left and right zone is
left : inspector / visibility
right : vsti / media / cr / meter.

… why ?
why not beeing able to set anything we want like :
right lane visibility ?
i never use vsti, media, CR or meter on myright lane of the edit window i use it on the mix window.
but on my edit i would love to have inspector on left lane and visibility on rightlane rather than constantly switching with mouse from one to the other.

Can you maybe switch them via shortcut ? Haven’t tried it myself (don’t use it often) but there are a lot of key command parameters for inspector/visibility at a first look.

Both ideas are good for workflow.

i tried to find a shortcut but i found nothing. I already suggested in a post to be able to have a command to switch left or right lane through all the available menus.

why not beeing able to set anything we want