Legacy plugin replacements (Symphonic, Chopper, Metalizer)

Hu guys

Im reviving an old project and I need to find some info in these old plugins. I have to find a similar replacement for them using current tools. I can pretty much get the Chopper and Metalizer effects easy enough. I can’t recall what type of effect Symphonic was, and can’t find any info on it. It looks like some kind of stereo delay effect.

Does anyone remember Symphonic (NOT Halion Symphonic Orchestra, the old VST 32 plugin) and what I might use in its place?


And by replacements, of I mean alternatives. Just for clarification

Metalizer and Chopper are still included with Cubase. They’re even still using the old interface. (probably going to be updated very soon)

As for Symphonic, use these stock plugins as a send: AutoPan -> Chorus or StudioChorus using non-subtle settings, OR StereoEnhancer -> Chorus or StudioChorus (alternatively, use StereoEnhancer as an insert and use the Color and Delay knobs instead of chorus)

Symphonic could create either an autopan or stereo enhancement effect (not both at the same time). Autopan is only used if tempo sync is activated.

Symphonic’s Stereo Basis knob controlled the autopan “width” or the stereo enhancement effect. When using the stereo enhancer, 50% was the same as original, higher values made things sound wider and lower values collapsed the sound to mono.

The AutoPan effect was updated and massively improved in Cubase 9, while the StereoEnhancer is basically black magic compared to what Symphonic was able to do. You should be able to make your old project sound much better with the right settings.

Roamntique you are awesome. Thx so much for such a detailed reply. Above and beyond my friend. People like you are what makes the internet great. I didn’t even expect Chopper and Metalizer to still be in service, and with all the presets intact too. Made my job quite easy. As for Symphonic all that info is good t know and verified what I suspected. Conforming this old project to Cubase 7 was quite painless, not what I was expecting.

Thanks again