Legato-ing notes


Is there a way to legato a note as in Cubase. Basically, the length of the selected notes will be adjusted so that they reach the next selected note by the press of a button.

There’s an extend duration to next note option at Write > Edit Duration. Assign a keyboard shortcut to it (from Preferences > Key Commands) if you expect to use it frequently.

Thank you. I wish it was called legato. Especially for us with Cubase background:)

If the notes are already “abutting”, you can also input a slur over them - this causes Dorico to lengthen the playback duration of notes, and I think also trigger the ‘legato’ playback technique for that instrument, if one exists in the current sound library. You can also adjust the played duration of notes (which affects how they sound in playback) independently of their notated duration (which is how they look in the score) in Play mode.

This is all a bit OT from your specific question, but I thought I’d share in case it’s useful :slight_smile:

Thank you. I am new to Dorico so any new knowledge is good to know! This is my fourth (engraving/scoring) software after Encore ( passport), Finale, Cubase Score editor. I suppose this is my last one!

This isn’t the same thing as what playing musicians call legato. Legato might be what playing musicians do if they see two abutting notes with no other articulation marks, but typically a slur is used to indicate legato.

That is true. Thanks for the clarification.