Legato negative delay problem

I tried using the new “negative delay” feature in the expression map editor.
Problem is, even though the note itself is pushed back, the accompanying CC data isn’t moved.

For legato dynamic control, this instrument uses CC11 for dynamic controlled. For Shorts dynamics, it uses Velocity for dynamics and CC11 for LENGTH.

This creates the wrong CC11 (dynamic) for the legato 32nd notes with a nasty fp as shown in the graph. The drop in CC1 should perfectly coincide with the 32nd notes.

How may I solve this?

P.S- even with disabling all the negative delays in the expression map, the CC11 value at the end of the slur jumps up a millisecond too soon and creates another undesired ‘fp’. I checked, no manual timing edits on any of the notes in this bar, CC11 should only jump up on the 8th note.

Also discussed here.

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