Legato notes duration setting has no effect

If I create a new project and adjust the Legato Notes Durations in Playback Settings the playback changes accordingly. But the setting has no effect in my existing project, even if I input new notes with a slur. What could cause this? Is there some other setting that overrides the Legato Notes Durations setting?

Dorico 4.3, NP4.

Many of the settings in Playback Options can be overridden in the expression map. You’re using NotePerformer, which does indeed override a lot of those settings, so that’s likely why your changes aren’t having an effect. Be aware, though, that NotePerformer is designed to work with very particular settings for note dynamics and note length, so making big changes to those values probably won’t give a great result.

Thank you, that’s probably it - an override from the Expression Map. But the same instruments in NP do respond to the legato setting if I create a new project. I’ve never touched the Expression Maps, so I assume their settings are identical in both projects - but maybe not.

With my NP4 installation it looks like the expression map overrides the “Legato notes duration”: