Legato Only Applies To One Note In Chord


I’ve installed 7.5.20 and have noticed that when I try to apply legato to triad chords in Cubase, only the bottom note of each chord gets affected. I’ve tried this multiple times with the same issue. Any ideas?


I don’t think you can. The transition needs to be based on something solid.

It has always (yeah, Atari) been like this, hasn’t it? You can make a selection of a particular musical line and make it legato, then the next line and so on.

Or you can use Quantize, but that’s not necessarily what you asked?

Yeah, I think it’s high time this was made more useful, I spend a lot of time quantising the ends of chords when really a legato operation that worked on all note ends (or selected notes’ ends) would do the job well and save me a lot of time.

You could do this by inserting off/on sustain pedal messages at note starts, then using ‘convert sustain to note lengths’, but it’s far from ideal…


+1 for legato on more than single notes…although it seems little hard to do this, to do it with musical context !

The more you think about it the harder it would be to implement? It would require some artificial intelligence to guess what will be included in any given group of notes, when will each note stop, what is the next note in a line and what one cubasist intend with one line is totally different to another, even if the notes are more or less identical. And legato by definition is not a polyphonic concept.

One simple operation which would be great would be to provide a function that extends (the selected) notes to the start of the very next note. Thus I could play chords and this would make the chords legato, i.e. close the gaps. I could even play passing notes, and as long as the held notes extended past the start of the passing note then they would all be extended to the start of the next chord. That feature would suit me nicely!


That’s what I was getting at. Polyphonic legato is what your after, Spitfire do it with some of their libs but it’s velocity based. So you can play 2 legato lines both below and above 64 velocity.

I can’t see the sense, you might as well record 3 separate legatos, it will sound more natural

What does not work now in Cubase is if you make a selection of notes with no overlap and try to make them legato. That wouldn’t be impossible to implement. I know I would use it because I’ve been trying more times than I’m willing to admit, forgetting it won’t work! :laughing: :blush:

Can it maybe be done with a macro, executing legato on one note of a chord after the other?

I think, Ableton Live and Logic can do this…

What am I missing here?..
Are you saying that this doesn’t work for you, even if you activate Preferences>Editing>MIDI>“Legato Mode: Between Selected Notes Only”? (and, like you said earlier, selecting the lines that you’d like to be legato). Obviously, without doing so line by line, Legato would simply join up to the next nearest note, irrespective of its “line” :wink:.

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No matter what, it works! :sunglasses:

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