Legato or dot

How can I obtain a suddivision Like this?

I end up always with this…

Either: use a hidden meter shift-m [2+3+3+2+3+3]/16 enter
Or: use Force duration (there’s a host of threads on how to use it!)

Unfortunately the [2+3+3+2+3+3]/16 does not beam the “eighths” together.
(I thought the same as you and just tried a test file.)

Agreed, but adding beaming is trivial. Personally I’d always use force duration, copy with alt-click, and repitch with lock duration.

If your rhythm were doubled, you should be able to use a hidden [2+3+3]/8 starting with your second measure and force duration in measure one; but otherwise you will likely have to use @Janus 's force-duration recommendation.

Once you force the duration in one measure, you can at least copy/paste (or select the measure and press R as many times as necessary) to duplicate it before using L (lock duration) to go through the repetitions to change the pitches to what you need.