Legato playback, playing technique vs. dynamic suffix

Sorry if this has been covered before—I couldn’t quite find it explicitly answered by searching the forums.

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Is it true that the legato in #1 (a playing technique) will play back correctly, but the legato in #2 (a dynamic suffix) will not? And currently there’s no way to make #2 play back correctly (without a hidden playing technique or similar)?


Yes (though slurs will also trigger a legato) and yes.

Thanks for the confirmation. Would love to know if there is any plan in Dorico’s future to implement playback transformations via dynamic suffixes.

I just think that would be a recipe for more confusion.


It’s unlikely that we would approach this in that way, Andy.


Appreciate the insight. Combing through the forums some more shows that this subject has come up every once in a while, though not always regarding playback.

I realize expressive text can be somewhat of a grey area existing between dynamics and playing techniques (not to mention sometimes difficult-to-impossible to translate into MIDI with current technology). But as musical descriptors, having playback ignore words that often appear as dynamic suffixes—such as espressivo, dolce, or furioso—doesn’t seem quite right either :thinking:

Curious to see if and how the Dorico team approaches this in the long run!