Legatura di elisione nella lingua italiana

la mia Casa Editrice non vuole la “legatura di elisione” però ho visto che si può nascondere solamente nelle lingue orientali(!?).
Come posso fare uno spazio inter-sillabico? (vedi allegato)
Ringrazio anticipatamente a chi mi darà risposta.
Buona musica.
legatura di elisione.png


Grazie, come sempre gentilissimo.

Why don’t you write in english?


You can use Google Translate if you need to. Sometimes it is not easy to describe a problem in a language one does not speak or does not speak fluently.

It’s an english forum, so if one doesn’t speak fluently english HE has to use google translate (and so do I a lot of times), and to send his question in english.
(Personaly, I understand italian and I don’t need google translate, but it doesn’t matter at all)

Menaggen, Google translate can produce nonsense for specialist technical terms, or the translation might be the wrong musical term in English (e.g. “key” instead of “clef”). It doesn’t use a dictionary - it works by matching up phrases in multi-lingual documents produced by the United Nations, the EU, etc.

If somebody posts in their native language, there is more chance that somebody can understand the question.

I have no problem with people posting in their native language, I can read a few, and I’m always eager to pick up useful vocabulary :ugeek: