Lemme know if I got this right...

Newbie to cubasis here. Was having a difficult time figuring how to work with audio, cutting, editing, pasting… And just had a duh! moment. Please let me know whether or not I’ve got this right.

If I’m working with two tracks, taking the best parts of each to create a single awesome track, the best place for me to do that is in the main window, using the scroll bar to make my cuts, copies, erasures, etc? I was previously double clicking the tracks and trying to figure out what the heck I was doing. Do I now have this right, and if so, what’s the point behind double clicking to open the additional window? Is that ONLY for normalization, fades, and that sort of editing? I’m a little confused cuz I would think that would be just as simple to do in the main window?

Also, I don’t understand the play head scrubbing preview? Not yet noticing any difference with it selected or not.

Hope that made sense :slight_smile:.

I’m absolutely loving this program thus far. Bought auria a while back but got easily frustrated and went right back to recording w cubase on my PC. Cubasis is going to open a lot of opportunities for me. Very happy customer here.

Editing this post to thank simon below me for pointing out the obvious :slight_smile:, that I couldn’t see. This forum is laid out a little differently than what I’m accustomed to.

Hey joe, you can edit posts …top right of post I know this because I too am a newbie, wrote a post asking all sorts of questions…and worked out I was …well… talking utter rubbish, so I deleted it :slight_smile:
I’m not for one minute suggesting your post was like mine, but you do have the option to delete the whole thread if you wish.
Good luck with daddy cubase, can’t help you cause I only have the baby version :slight_smile:

This is the edit btw, just to double check you can. Option of edit, delete a ‘!’ for some reason and ‘quote’ all in the top right of the window (on iPad)

In the main window you can edit and arrange the clips or song if you prefer.
In the “double-click window” you get to edit what’s inside each of those clips.

You can’t do audio or midi note editing from the main window, just crop, repositioning and basic levels.

Think of the clips as containers, the audio is inside. Cropping a clip doesn’t crop the audio inside, but the edits you do after double-clicking an audio clip will be applied to the audio file (and be permanent).

This is kind of a basic explanations, but you’ll probably get the point.

I am a newbie. What is the quickest way to trim/crop a clip. One of my tracks has a lot of silence in the beginning and I want to cut that bit off. Sorry it seems such a basic thing but I cant find the right edit function as my “crop” function in the edit section is greyed out. Any help appreciated.

Hi vivking,

There are several options to trim audio clips.



  • Use the lower handles to change the start/end positions of a clip
  • Tap the clip to select it
  • Set the cursor to the position where to split the clip
  • Tap on “split” button
  • Remove unwanted parts using the “erase” button

Side note:
Trimmed parts are kept and can be rolled-in again via moving lower clip handles

Audio Editor

  • Double tap the audio clip to open it in the audio editor
  • Select the part to be kept via left and right locator
  • Tap “trim” button

Side Note:
Please note that the revised audio part requires to be re-positioned in arrange window after it has been trimmed

You might check out our available Cubasis tutorials also:

Hope that helps.