Lemur driving me nuts!!!

Hi Guys,

I got Lemur recently, and it has a lot of potential.
However, there are some things that are driving me nuts!

One of them is that Cubase/Nuendo insists on adding the Lemur ports as midi in and outputs, even if I turn them off and restart. (they should show up but not be enabled as ‘midi in’, as this will cause any midi command triggered to be recorded in the ALL Midi Inputs port)

Next to that, any Generic Remote or Mackie Control I set up keeps losing the Lemur ports…is this a Lemur bug or a Steinberg bug?



Are you talking about Lemur or iPad Lemur?


iPad Lemur…

Ah, OK, sorry can’t help you then.


Nuendo forgets my Touch OSC virtual midi ports with every boot up as well. Annoying.