Lenght of Locators Range?

hello, is there a precise way to know the lenght (in seconds or bars) of the locators range?

if i use the range selection we always know the lenght because it appears just under the control bar on top, but i still haven’t found a way to know exactly how to calculate the locators range lenght.

is it possible?


No. (not yet, anyway) This is a common feature request.

It’s possible, but a little convoluted. Add an audio or MIDI track and double click on it between the locators to create an event. It will be the length of the locators and when selected, will show bar/time length in the info line depending on timeline setting. I keep one such track at the top of all my projects for this purpose.

nice workaround.

Nice tip. Hadnt thought of that.

thanks for the workaround, but it’s a bit unpractical for such a simple and useful information (we always export what’s inside the locators so knowing the lenght before exporting is a VERY IMPORTANT thing)

do you guys (and Moderators) think this could be a Feature Request?

thanks a lot!

It has been requested several times. Work arounds are work arounds, that doesn’t mean we don’t still want the convenient version. The Borgz don’t usually acknowledge FRs that are on their list other than occasionally pop in with a “yes we noted it”.