Length Quantize modes

One thing I prefer about some hardware quantize (of MIDI note data) they often have a feel about it. In a way that is not just filled to the end of the beat but with some space, which sometimes is what’s wanted in programming midi parts. It often has a more human played feel.
What is different than regular length quantize is that this doesn’t act the same on every note length type but is more proportional in length. So for the whole note, the actual length quantizes would not just be a static amount that is the same for 1/16 note. More musical quantize, I like this effect it is a simple way to add more musical movement to my music.
I suggest adding a couple of modes above the regular length quantize selection context menu with a few options.

I recorded some midi data and convert it to Cubase length…
Basically I want to define note lengths like this, which can be used by either quantize or midi step input.

values in Cubase length;
2 whole
whole note
half note
quarter note
eigth note
1/16 note
1/32 note
1/64 note

half triplet
quarter triplet
eigth triplet
1/16 triplet
1/32 triplet

notes on left triplets on right.

This is just one example