lengthen multi-bar rest

I’d really love to make this multi-bar rest 4 or 5 bars long…don’t know why it’s defaulted to 3. Ideas?

Are all signposts showing? You must have something hidden there. Check View—Signposts and make sure all categories are checked.

I can see the first single bar is longer than the second, which is revealing.

All signposts are showing! I’ve attached the zipped project if you want to take a look. I swear I’ve poured through the documentation to find a solution…
Beethoven op69 9x12 may 7 engrave.dorico.zip (882 KB)

You have a “cresc” mark that extends through those two bars, and stops the multirest from breaking.

(I found it simply by deleting things until the multirest fixed itself - a brute force method, but it worked!)

Gah! Thanks Rob, that was the culprit. Good to know that that’s something to watch out for.