Lengthen/Shorten Duration vs Double/Halve Note Duration

At the bottom of the Write menu there is a “Edit Duration” menu that includes “Lengthen/Shorten Duration” and “Double/Halve Note Duration” that appear to do the same thing.


Double/Halve Duration seems more accurate than Lengthen/Shorten Duration. Wouldn’t it be clearer to remove the above command and assign the default shortcuts to “Double/Halve Note Duration”?

Lengthen/Shorten works differently for objects like hairpins, playing techniques and lines, where it will move them to the next/previous note.

You can of course change the key shortcuts to suit your workflow.

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@benwiggy Get it, thank you!

Thanks for the clarification. However the words used in the menu are confusing when the user is deciding which option to use! :smile: