Lengthen/shorten note durations

I’m really sorry to be asking about something that has been discussed at length, but I’ve read every post I could find, and I still don’t have an answer. May be my fault, but…

Until recently, if I’m doing note entry, if I entered, say, a quarter note and I meant it to be an eight, I could just touch (on Mac) Shift-Opt-left/right arrow and it would change the note by the grid value. Same if I just select a note while NOT in Note Entry.

Now all of a sudden, it only doubles or halves the note value. I gather that something is different, based on earlier posts, but what I think I’m seeing is that Shift-Option-R/L arrow should still change it by the GRID value. But it doesn’t.


It works for me (Dorico 3.5.10, Mac OS 10.14.6). I have had Dorico behave abnormally and if I restart the program the problem goes away.

Thanks tbabcock. I’m pretty sure I’ve restarted several times since this all started, but it can’t hurt to try it again.

Well, you nailed it, tbabcock — a restart fixed it. Thanks!