Lengthening/shortening lines without changing their angles

I am entering various vertical single-hook lines in a piano score, to show take over by left hand (m.s.) and right hand (m.d.). In Engrave mode, I’m moving and stretching these lines, to finalize position. However, there seems to be no way to manipulate with the mouse to only stretch in the vertical dimension. It’s easy to inadvertently change the angle of the lines.

Any way around this? I realize one can quantitatively specify precise stretch amounts by entering numbers in Properties. However, it’s much more convenient to just stretch with a mouse, and I’d like to scale only in one dimension.

Other non-music graphic editors I’ve used, for ex., enforce a distinction of free movement (mouse only) vs. vertical only (mouse + SHIFT).

Shift/CTRL or SHIFT only, while drawing the line keeps it somehow vertical with a little resistance.
somtimes it works, sometimes not. I have to find out what is the right thing to do

Doesn’t seem to work for me. I get a small popup menu.

what keyboard language do you have activated (preferences /Keyboard language)
the way it works the best for me is;
moving the top of the line a few mm, than hold SHIFT

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English. I’m on a Macbook Pro, with a trackpad only.

I changed to English too. Here it works (on Windows 10).
I don’t know if this should make a difference. Or you try with a mouse?

Maybe you could try to RESET the key commands ??

Can you clarify? I’m not sure what the motivation of RESET is. I’m just trying to see if there is an existing command to implement one-dimensional stretch. Thanks -

sorry, couldn’t get online sooner.
I didn’t find any existing command to implement one-dimensional stretch at all…
Could be, that you (unwillingly, changed any Key commands by accident) There shoudn’t be a Popup just when you hold the Shift key.
I upload 2 little files showing you how( Shift and Mouse) works with the Line on my Windows workstation.
As you see, there is some resistance when holding SHIFT.
I uploaded 2 small Video files You can download.

Line Issue_1

With Shift
I hope, you can enlarge them, so you see better what’s happening
Line Issue 2

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Thanks, this is very clear. It’s exactly what I want, in your 2nd video. But it doesn’t seem to apply to my Macbook Pro, with only a trackpad.

  • moving without SHIFT: same as you, results in free 2-dim movement

  • moving with SHIFT only: simply causes the entire music area (i.e. inner window) to scroll

  • moving with SHIFT + CTRL: I mis-wrote, it’s not a Dorico popup, but rather a small
    a small selection menu that pops up – SEE ATTACHED

I tried some other combinations, like SHIFT + CMD, but they don’t work.

Any more suggestions, from you, or other users, or development group (Daniel, Lillie, etc.)?

[result of SH+CTRL:]

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 3.21.46 PM

This ist the same selection menu I get when I (in Engrave mode) make only a Right Mouse-click .
and nothing else.
Maiby you should try with your trackbal to make a right click.
Its worth trying.
What Dorico Version are you using??

For trackpad only, on the Mac, ‘click’ (trackpad) + CTRL is the same command as ‘right click’ with a mouse. It gives the same result with or without aSHIFT. That’s exactly what I’ve done (see my previous post) which yields this small menu – it does not scale the line.

I have the latest Dorico Pro 5.

What you see in the pictures, I made with left Mouse-click.
If I now understand the MAc system , you need a Left-click and SHIFT.

Sorry, but I’m totally lost here. Could you go with step-by-step instructions?

Your previous post said to try with right-click. You’re now indicating left-click.

With the Macbook with trackpad only –

  • doing right-click is equivalent to CTRL + touch trackpad
  • doing left-click is equivalent to touch trackpad: unclear how to do this

Which buttons are you suggesting I click, in what order?

Given that Dorico is heavily used by Mac users, there’s got to be a simpler way.

I meant, Your right-click would be my Left-click but it seems not to be that easy.

now I’m lost too. I hope , I can tell what I mean.
touch trackpad AND SHIFT on Mac would then be my Windows Left-mouse-click an SHIFT
We now need a Mac-Expert here from the Dorico Team.
I can’t believe there isn’t any MAC-equivalent to my “left mouse-click/ SHIFT”

Agreed! Thanks for the input so far.
Would be great to hear from Dorico developers to resolve.

Because of tendency of the human had to travel in an arc rather than a straight line when using the mouse, I prefer to use key combinations to precisely position edit handles. In the case of a line where the adjustment needs to be restricted to vertical movement only, my procedure is to click on the handle which I want to move and then use the following (Mac) key combinations to achieve precise positioning:

cmdopt + (up/down) arrow for large movements
shiftopt + arrow for 1/2 the amount of movement with cmdopt + arrow
opt + arrow for 1/4 the amount of movement with shiftopt + arrow
shiftoptcmd + arrow for 1/4 the amount of movement with opt + arrow

For example, to move the selected edit handle from its position in the first image to the position in the second image took the following number of key-presses using each of the above combinations.

cmdopt + up arrow: 1
shiftopt + up arrow: 2
opt + up arrow: 8
shiftoptcmd + up arrow: 32


To constrain the direction of movement when dragging, first select the item, hold down the mouse button and start dragging in the general direction in which you want to move the item, then while you are dragging add Shift. Dorico will then snap the line to constrain it. Make sure that Shift is still held down when you release the mouse button to apply the constraint to the final position of the item.


that’s exactly what I did in the second Video

Yes, indeed. I was just spelling out the steps as precisely as I can so that @smn can hopefully manage this himself.

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