Lenovo E31

The wife tells me I have to buy a new PC for our home office :smiley: (the existing one is a Pentium III 800MHz clunker). In my project studio I have a Pentium IV 3.2 GHz PC. So we agreed I should buy a new PC for the studio, and move the P4 into the office.
I’m currently considering a Lenovo E31 Tower with Xeon 3.3Ghz Processor 8GB Ram, 180GB SATA3 SSD Drive + 150GB 10000 rpm SATA Drive w/32MB cache.

Would this be a good system for Cubase 6.x ?

I’m running a UR28M as audio interface and a BCF2000 as a controller plus MIDI Port.

Maybe 16Gb ram would be better?

Lenovo E31 Tower

Just thought I’d update this.
I left it with 8 GB Ram.
It’s running like a charm with both CB5 and 7 as well a with PT10