Less clicks?

I’m carrying out a detailed cost/benefit analysis before deciding on whether to purchase the new version.
:question: Disregarding the fact that it should be ‘fewer’ not ‘less’ clicks (it could be ‘less clicking’ I suppose), have there been any studies on exactly how many fewer clicks are required in Cubase 6? And if so, why not?

Pure quackery…

I have often wondered just how many mouse clicks I do during an eight hour session?

Perhaps you could put a mic on your mouse, beatslice the recording, quantise it and calculate your click rate from the tempo.

You can send a usage profile to Steinberg.

Regarding actual mouse clicks required, remember tabs and things can also be used which can often save time from grabbing the pointer.

Ok… mouse AND keyboard clicks/presses then!!!

My wife actually bought me a silent mouse for my laptop (when I’m working in the house) hahaha…

Broke it within 2 months :laughing:

RSI anyone…

I’m have a trackball which means I can use it even if I am sitting on the floor which often I do when listening and writing. :sunglasses:

I’ve been developing a mouse which takes the energy from your fingers and feeds it back into the grid. This whole ‘less clicks’ thing is potentially disastrous for me.

Combine that with my bass absorbers that consist of millions of lightweight pistons coupled to a membrane connected to a micro hydraulic system leading to a small generator, thus converting air pressure variations into electricity and we achieve another step forward to a carbon neutral studio…

A duck walks into a pharmacy, and asks for Chapstick. The cashier says, “Cash or check?” and the duck says, “Just put it on my bill.”

At college (a looong time ago) we used to play a drinking game called Fuzzy Duck. We would sit round a table in a pub and each person in the round would say ‘Fuzzy Duck’ as quickly as possible. If someone said ‘Does He’ then the direction was reversed and each person would then try to say ‘Ducky Fuzz’. Wouldn’t take long before someone got it wrong and had to have a drink. Man we laughed … I guess you had to be there and half-p!ssed to see the funny side :blush: Doesn’t really work with Duddy Ruck does it. As you were.

As far as clicks per session, I believe there was an extensive 4-year study carried out by the Institute of Mouse Clicks Per Session. Their conclusion was ‘twice as many as half the clicks required multiplied by the number of ducks in the room’.


Phut the wok? I don’t understand.

Anyway, I already have a prototype mouse that can power an entire Cubase rig simply by driving a new style Fiat Cinquecento on and off it. I’m confident that with a little development it could be operated by a slightly overweight pedestrian. However, my calculations are based on a Cubase 5 system.

Does he Fu_k…Fuzzy Duck…Duzzy Fu_k…Ducky Fuzz???

A wise quacker!