Less Info in EQ


Is there a way to select which info gets shown on the EQ screen?
Between the freq display and the freq info that pops upon the cursor, I find that it gets in the way of seeing what I’m doing sometimes.
It sure would be great If you could turn those functions on and off.


I’d like to have customizable EQ display settings for the mixer.

Ya, it’d be nice if you could at least switch off the waveform and make it so that the freq info under the mouse was accomplished only when you hold down CTRL or some such thing and that the freq info was for ANY freq.

I mean, I already know the freq of the EQ point so putting it on a tool-tip type thing is reduntant. What *would be very hand though is putting the mouse over ANY freq point and showing the freq of that point, so that the freq info could be used outside the EQ in a plugin - less guessing.

Good idea.

^That is a good idea.

I’d like to be able to scale the entire (E) settings control panel, just like the mixer.

It seems to get hidden behind things more then I can remember from older versions. It is a different part of workflow from C6 and before, so I need to get used to it, but I feel that I’m always fighting keeping it visible. I don’t want to keep it front, I want to be able to squeeze it up in the corner somewhere and keep it there. You can really get a lot done in that panel, really rarely need to leave it once you learn to navigate it.