Let go - music by Desert

i have been struggling with the mastering and eq balance, wonder if it is too loud.
always open for a collab when you are inspired to add something.
regards Peter

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Hi @Desert.
To me, this all sounds great. I have the impression that the right channel is slightly more present, but the atmosphere is still distributed throughout the panorama. Maybe it was intended like that.
At 4:19, the right channel distorts slightly, at least I perceive a noise which appears to me to be a distortion.

The bass in the ending could be slightly more present, but that’s very personal.

Very nice instrumental and well done.


Peter, I love it. The big fat moog sounds great, like Vangelis. There are a couple of interesting instruments appearing at the end, sounding sort of ethnic. What are those? Rene used the word “panorama”. That’s it.

Thanks guys for listening ! and comment ofcourse, i will check the file again with fresh ears and your help this way.
I used my old AKAI S5000 sampler with a sample library called Asia, it has some really nice temple flute samples with beautiful useful phrases on it. Takes some time to find the proper ones but it is worth it ! I wonder if they are incorporated in a recent VSTi , but the Akai is still working and there are loads of libraries for it on cd rom. Will upload a reviewed version.

uploaded a new mix


Still love it!

Hadn’t heard this before your new mix, but it’s nice. Ambient is not my particular cup of tea, but all of the sounds and the mix are definitely good and working. I did hear a few things that were maybe a bit too close to Vangelis sounds, but that’s nothing major. Good job.

Plenty of ‘atmosphere’ here, a sense of big space and depth, touching melancholy melodies with lovely instrument sounds.
Surprising change at about 5:40, nice.

I have no advice, I just enjoyed the ride.

That’s lovely; shimmering and also some beefy low end. It was a bit like going through a process of letting go itself; melancholy to start, some contemplation, then a happier resolution. Lovely stuff; great mix of melody and harmony and sound design.


Howdy! I hope you are well. I have Cubase Pro 12, using Windows 11. I still have my Roland S-750 and orchestral CD ROMs, from 30 years ago. I’ve asked support help, but haven’t received it yet.

How do I upload each CD ROM into Cubase. I have EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus; however, I would like to be able to use these great samples as well. I have downloaded about one hundred free plug-ins, and some went directly into Cubase. The majority connected differently. So, I really don’t know how to do this correctly. If you or anyone you know can help, I would really appreciate it.

This my first time on the forum. My cell number is 1 (310) 384-9147. Thanks and take care!


Trying Importing cd roms has been an effort for me too. I ’ ve got an AKAI S 5000 sampler and a lot of CD-ROMs too.
I tried it with the program Translator from chicken systems, it works but it is just reading the CD rom in your computer and making asimple sample audio file from it. I decided just to connect the sampler and import the audio files in cubase while playing the sampler thru midi as usual.
Works fine and you can use all the audio possibilities from cubase, FX etc etc.
So just use the keyboard as you used to and only import audio



Howdy! So as I understand it, the translator will no do a bulk copy of each CD ROM. It will load in one sample at a time. I was really hoping to upload all samples and choose from a description and preview of the sound, just like in EW Hollywood
Orchestra Opus. I emailed the company of the other $50 software you told me about. I asked specific questions. if there’s some positive news, I’ll let you know.


-Rich Strassberg

Used this: Converting sample libraries using CDXtract for EXS24 - YouTube

Howdy ReneL! I hope you are well. Thank you s much for your time and information. I really appreciate it. I’ve been questioning the viability of this process, in terms of if I am able to do a bulk translator process, or one sample at a time; moreover, if the quality is something to use, since I have the EW Hollywood Orchestra Opus.

Thank you again, for the information. I will also look into this.

I hope you and your family stay safe and well.


-Rich Strassberg