"Let Her Go" 2013

This is an old one, origianlly sung by Lenny and another local friend way back in (2003?). I’ve been progressively revisiting some of those old songs, selecting some of my favourites and having a fresh attempt at doing them myself. This is the latest, another ‘soppy ballad’ :slight_smile:

Let Her Go

Well. I like soppy ballads and this is a goodun…think at the beginning the guitar would be better on it’s own in stereo and the piano comes in at the first chorus…but, we’d all do everything differently wouldn’t we…long live music…Kevin

Good stuff. But I’d mix it a different way. (if I could :wink: )

Good tune, agree about starting song gtr and then bringing in Piano. Is that an upright piano sample? It seems a bit nasally sounding to me not sure why. Also the percussion part seems a bit out front of mix and the high conga pops out of mix a lot which distracts from great vocals. Try a different compressor maybe to tame that?
Great work just a few tweaks possibly.

Well, that suggestion has some merit I guess! :slight_smile: I’ll give it a shot…

I’ll probably mix it a different way too, tomorrow! :wink: Things usually sound SO much different in the clear light of day… and often even more different to an entirely different pair of ears…

Might be just a case of playing around with setting… and if that doesn’t do it… a different compressor! Thanks for the observation and complement re: vocals :slight_smile:

Good song. I had two things that bothered me: 1) edit at 2:21? It doesn’t sound like it could have been sung that way, just sticks out a little. I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be first time. 2) bongos or whatever they are… too fast for humans? Maybe you just have to vary the velocity and timing to make it more human sounding. Sounds balanced though, the usual Sherz great production!

Cheers :slight_smile: There’s no edit at 2:21 though. Not quite sure what you’re hearing actually… that’ is indeed the way it was sung. :confused: Also, the percussion on this one is in fact performed by Jamstix’s Jamcussion add-on. The performance is apparently modeled on a real player and I think the limb-speed controls are set at their defaults? Something to check though. I really have no idea how fast a good percussionist can actually play! - I just assumed the Jamstix performance modeling was reasonably accurate. :sunglasses:

Wow! This song was my very first internet collab - 10 freakin’ years ago!

Ian - you were my first. :sunglasses:

I haven’t heard this in so long that I don’t remember how I sang it, though I can tell that you’ve made it your own here.
It sounds good to me, though I agree with some of the other suggestions. Besides leaving the piano out on the first verse, I’d also play those single picked triplet notes on guitar on the intro, but I’d suggest leaving them out when the vocal comes in and keep it more open with sustained chords. At least for the first verse - it sounded a little busy to me when the singing began.
I agree that the percussion, while sounding good, is too out front in the mix.

Ian, I have 8 tunes in my Ian folder dating back to Tsunami Awakening in 2004, but I don’t have this song - it must’ve been on an old drive. Do you have an mp3 of the original you could send me? I’d love to hear that again. :slight_smile:

and I’m sure not the last! Those were the days eh?

I’ve just uploaded a new mix with some mods based on suggestions here. :sunglasses:

Ian, I have 8 tunes in my Ian folder dating back to Tsunami Awakening in 2004, but I don’t have this song - it must’ve been on an old drive. Do you have an mp3 of the original you could send me? I’d love to hear that again. > :slight_smile:

Funny… I just realised that I too don’t currently have any MP3’s of my stuff stored locally. It’s all up online of course and I do have an original CD somewhere which I’ll rip. I just listened to that original version on the Cybase Bandcamp page… just to remind me - gosh…what AWFUL mixes! :astonished: Ha ha! I guess that’s where I was at at the time and it probably sounded great 10 years ago. I’ll still have the original project archived to DVD so it might be an interesting exercise to remix the original version.


Sounds like a Heartfelt tune. The acoustic guitar tone sounds thin and tinny. I would try and simplify the arrangement. It gets a bit sugary for me and the synth tone I’m not liking much. What about replacing the synth patch with a more natural instrument patch like a flute or oboe?

Overall I think your voice is very good and this probably fits very well into the adult contemporary market.

Ahh, yes. I just found it on bandcamp.

I’ll tell you - the mix could be improved on, but the overall production is really not bad at all. I like the way my vocal and hers interweave. I know that wasn’t Helen - what was her name again?
It also sounds like I did the bass track - and the sound was dreadful. I think that was even before I got my bass Pod.
Just direct into Cubase and very thin. If you decide to revisit this - I’ll be happy to retrack the bass using my SVT amp. I do think this old version is worthy of an update. :slight_smile:

Yeah… Adult Contemporary is where most of my stuff fits I guess. The acoustics… typically I take the bottom and tops off but I think what needs to happen here is that the EQ is automated so that I have a richer fuller sounds at the start. And the synths… they’re more about me messing with a new C7 toy - Padshop! :slight_smile: But I was a bit reluctant to go ‘real’ (flute/oboe etc) - I’ve kinda overdone done that arrangement approach in the past and, more for my own gratification really, I quite like the idea of finding the right blend of ‘real’ and synth. Anyway… I might change my mind again tomorrow :laughing:

Thanks for the feedback :sunglasses:

Agreed :slight_smile:

Ummm… :confused: You know… I can’t remember…and I see I have put ANY credits up whatsoever on the Bandcamp page :blush: I’ll definitely have to dig up one of those original CD’s.

If you decide to revisit this - I’ll be happy to retrack the bass using my SVT amp

I may well do that. I actually do recall in 2010 remixing one song Wolf sang. I bet even that 2010 mix sounds a bit tragic to me now! :smiley:

I loved it. Some of the chord changes were very cool, and the melodic synths were a great touch.

Hi Ian,

Good song, nice version.
I enjoyed listening! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I thought the acoustic guitar sounded a bit thin too. But I really liked the overall arrangement, the melodic synth parts fit really well too. Ethnic percussion is a good choice, although the very final roll didn’t sound a good way to end it, I’d have preferred sustained strings :stuck_out_tongue: Good going :slight_smile: