let it out

im not usually one to ask opinions about my song writing but i feel this one is different, this song lasts for over 7 minutes, most of which is a rant, a bit of a giggle with stuff that i really find frustrating,

so anyway my question is, is my rant to much and should i shorten the song, there is foul lanuge in this song so if you dont like that it best not listen, cheers


Well that was funny in places…made me laugh, I think in the context of what it is it aint too long, quite like your anarchic approach…best to you, Kevin

A good rock and roll rant! If you were over here in the States, you’d just order some weaponry from the internet and shoot up your ex-coworkers… this is a lot more peaceful! I must say, too, you’ve made some real progress on the sounds you’re getting… really like the guitar sound, and pretty much everything else too. Eat the rich!

well its good you didnt find it to long then cause that was the short version :smiley:

ive just applied for a visa :laughing: :laughing:

the guitar actually aint that different, not sure if i mentioned before but i use a line6 pod hd, i only added a slight delay from one of its effects banks, although during “the rant” i used one of the filters, its maybe the way i played you noticed, the intro and "the rant " was played off the finger board, somwhere between the bridge and neck pick ups, its nothing but harmonics, i’d say the biggest differences are the ones suggested by your self regarding the reverb and the bass and drums from the others on my previous post, very good learning experience here, cheers


talking about the guitars early, i forgot i added datube plugin, that was just on the rhythm guitar though, not the lead, i cant play with my pod just now cause my guitar is out of comission so changing the tone fell on cubase, i like my lead tone but think the clean could do with a little kick,

i’ve ordered an epiphone les paul tribute plus, i know i know, it aint gibson but a good epi is a good guitar at a fraction of the price, its on back order though so who knows when i’ll get it, cant wait though to get stuck into the pod, think this could be a key part in getting better qualitiy recordings

I do agree with the message, having thought the same things myself. The first spoken parts did make me laugh too though, Scottish accent and ‘fack off’ is just priceless :smiley: I think you’re developing your own style nicely

I thought the guitar parts were written well, not too over the top, not too boring either but just right. The drums and bass had a bit too much reverb on in my opinion. They both sounded a little too boomy and overpowering. Sometimes I thought the guitar sounded a little bit unclear but I think that might have just been the reverb on the bass/drums.

I had to move in with my dad for a while until I get a new place so I let him listen too since he likes this kinda stuff more than me and he enjoyed it so I’d say well done and keep it up :slight_smile:

hi jonathan,

thanks for listening, there is more reverb on the bass than anything else, the last couple of songs i put up bass and drums seemed to be an issue, as in, they didnt stand out, i found reverb and a low shelf helped make the bass sound more like in my head than what boosting the low frequencies with eq done, maybe a little much in this case then,

thanks for your comments, glad you and your dad liked them, your feedback is noted :wink:

Well, I kinda dig this… and I guess most of us will get the intent and motive behind the ‘rant’. I struggled a bit to hear every word though… and I did wonder with something like this which is a lot about the lyric whether vocal clarity should really be a priority. Up a dB or two I’m thinking…

There’s no doubt from a commercial perspective that 7minutes is 4.5 minutes too many… and some will argue it gets a tad self-indulgent… but heck eff 'em! :laughing: It was a fun trip! :slight_smile: