"Let me sleep (lullaby)"

Hi guys.
A new short song made with Cubase 8.0.10 (running smoothly! :wink: ). This time, I put away the guitars and any acoustic approach, staying into the electronic domain. Just to make a turn.
Thanks for listening and for your feedback, as always.


I Like this a lot!

credit where credit is due .originality and great vocals

Many thanks, guys. [emoji4]

Very soothing track… Intended of course hehe. :slight_smile:

Thanks, SINERGI. :slight_smile:

Wow! Man I’m so glad that I look into your post :slight_smile:
You have a great voice. Will check your other tunes asap
Atmo violins - I like it to

Yes, I really like this one. Wonderful choice of instrumentation - particularly the strings. Vocals really nice.
again, a track that proves less is more.

Thank you, guys. Nice to hear these words. :slight_smile: