Let ring symbols, and reducing number of pages needed for layout


I’m new here and new to Dorico. I’m starting to get used to it and to understand it better and it’s great!
2 things I can’t seem to find, and I looked also around this forum with no answer.
I hope someone here could assist, if so that would be very wonderful.

  1. Is there a “let ring”/ “let vibrate” symbol in Dorico?

2.I can’t seem to understand the engraved or page layout options yet. I have 4 pages of an orchestral piece, it really could be all included in 2 pages, but Dorico decides to space it greatly, I have 2 or 3 bars per page. How can I set 4 bars a page per section?

Thank you very much!


I’ve moved your post out of the FAQ thread into its own new thread.

  1. There is not yet a dedicated laissez vibrer/let ring symbol in Dorico, but you could work around the lack of one for now by using a Shift+X text object with a suitable character from the Bravura Text font, perhaps one of these.

  2. Try reducing the spacing value for a quarter note on the Note Spacing page of Layout Options.

No symbol yet, but there is something.

Thank you!