Let the games begin......

I’ll probably check it out this weekend. My plan is to setup a laptop for audio-post work and I need to run it through its paces at least once this weekend, so I might spend the time with v6 on my desktop while I’m at it. I think I’ll maybe mix a short TV show in it. Then I’ll report back.

Heck, I might even setup my first surround sound system if I feel adventurous…

dowloaded, installed, working fine.
ported n 5.5 project with no problems.
I love loudness lane! EBU R-128 tamed in better way I could ever imagine!

thanks guys,



thanks very much for the positive feedback!


I’m testing it right now.
Mixer looks like the one from Cubase 7.
There is no Steinberg Hub start page feature like in Cubase 7 (cool feature).
I’m going to dig more into the Nuendo specific features.

Ok, it took me some video tutorial to get my head around the ADR stuff. Fantastic improvement ! VIsual cues (count in, duration), track management, rehearse mode…
Timecode on overlay ! Yess !
A new brickwall limiter (I’ve never seen it before anyway).
The loudness track is very intuitive and flawless.
The new control room can be docked in the mix console and be called separetely. It looks good once you strech the default size so characters don’t get truncated (it varies with language versions).
Full screen mixer and management for any of the (4) screens of the setup.

For the first impressions and discoveries, I like it a lot ! It seems solid, lots of useful new tools for sound to picture.
I got the NEK so all music tools are there. I’m surprised by how good the included instruments are (loop mash, groove agent one, padshop)… Interaction of all kind, drag and drop everywhere… VSTExpression is fabulous…

Bravo Steinberg, it is well worth the upgrade money.

Now, I’ll let a few days of use before sending my improving requests list (I have some already).

I like the ADR too, but I have one question. We use MTC videoslave to feed vocal booth now, but I’m thinking about switching to Nuendo video display since features are great, but can I have a picture on computer screen (DVI) and on vocal booth TV via HDMI on graphic card at the same time? Can Nuendo display the same video twice?



I was using Chaingang (so an Mtc video slave client) and found it cumbersome on a few occasions (mtc offsets due to the OMF being one hour later…). So I got rid of it and bought a new hd monitor (w/HDMI) and a HDMI Splitter (plugged to the Intensity pro hdmi out). Best solution ever !
You could achieve the same with an DVI splitter followed by an DVI to HDMI adapter or the other way round.
Nuendo can’t output on two different outputs or you’ll have to clone them on your graphic card software (if it’s what you imagined).

I used HDMI spliiter and intensity pro too, but problem is you have to work fullscreen and you have to have same resoluton.
Idea of usign nuendo internal video engine, especially with dialogue lines on screen is tempting because I like to have video in small window on of DVI monitors (not fullscreen), with meteres, plugins etc. on same screen.
Now if I just could send the same video to vocal booth - fullscreen over HDMI it would be great solution.
BTW - MTC videoslave set starting point of video to any TC - you can sync start to your current nuendo project TC.

Impossible for now, but it sure would be a good solution to have both simultaneous video outputs (desktop and blackmagic/Aja cards).

I know, but some OMF import and the supplied videos (with or w/o embedded timecode) would sometimes behave wrongly, freezing to the first frame while some would accept the offset. The results we’re too unpredictable to be usable on a really short timeframe.

6.0.2 build 2107 (64bits). Built on Jan 28 2013

Two comments for those who want to trade in their MTC Videoplayer or Chaingang.

  1. The Overlay functions in N6 only work when the ADR functionality is used. While MTC Videoslave can generate punches upon playback, anywhere in the project, Nuendo does not display the overlays upon simple playback or recording.

  2. When using a Decklink card, scaling might become a problem, since Blackmagic isn’t doing a good job at all. It’s fantastic as long as you use 720p, 1080p or any other kind of “normal” video file dimensions, but smaller, more exotic file formats don’t scale very well.

Other than that, video and overlay in n6 is just great.


Same 6.02 version as C7.02

As said in another thread here, N6.03/C7.03 comes soon.


Yes, it does seem smoother.
The save time of preferences in Cubase7 takes as long as 15 seconds. In Nuendo, it is the normal 2 seconds.
The mixer opens correctly with my template in Nuendo6. In Cubase7 it does not.
So far a much, much better experience with Nuendo6, as opposed to Cubase7.

I know I said I was going to wait to upgrade, but I can not resist when I have a slow day! Besides, I can always still use 5.5.

Having both C7 and N6, my first reaction was: “Wow! Much faster startup time!”

I also noticed at least one bug fix (VST settings preferences are now remembered correctly).

Somehow overall N6 feels “snappier”, but this could just be my excitement! :smiley:

dowloaded, installed, working fine so far.
Let’s see next week.
I love the mixer.


Well for the reasons mentioned.
In Cubase7, when I hit the “OK” button to close the preferences window, it takes 15 seconds to close.( I timed it)
In Nuendo6 it takes about 2-3 seconds.
In Cubase7 when I open my default template, the Meter on the mixer is half white with all of the meter squeezed up at the top, when I resize it, it gets corrected.
I have no such graphic issues in Nuendo6.
Opening/closing Cubase7 takes longer, I have not timed the difference but it is clearly taking much longer than Nuendo6.
So my impression is that Nuendo6 in running smoother. At least it is faster in the areas mentioned.

I will say the improvements to the mixer are fantastic with a hardware controller. I use a MC Control and the Eucon commands/shortcuts for opening/closing mixer visibility, linking,routing etc. is all just great.

The saving of the preferences window sadly is a bug in the preferences files.
You can get the same performance in C7 by deleting prefs.
NB! With a clean C7/N6 prefs it will pull the prefs from C6/N5 on startup.
To NOT import prefs from earlier versions, temporarily rename the C6.x/N5.x prefs folder before your start the new version.


It’s done. Buy the Update, install it and all run fine here. All templates, preferences, 5.5 projects. Only a little bit adjust my generic template for controller.

My first thoughts? The functionallity in mixer is very good and the channal strip sounds great, but the design of the mixer and CR isn’t … hm … not for me. The knobs design is “stolen” from my Allen & Heath mixer here ;o). If all channal strips are open, it looks a little bit confused with all these knobs and it’s difficult to see, which knob is for which function. Perhaps it would be better to make the backround texture from the mixer optional and the retangles without round corners. More clarity would be better.

Is it worth 350 euronen? I don’t know, because I make music only, don’t need cord tracks (I’m a musican ;o)) and don’t play keyboards, so Padshop and Retrologue I can’t use …

I think, I will arrange me with the new mixer and hope, there will be more graphical options in future.
The best thing on these Update: After some hours, is seems to be very stable and thats the most important thing for me. Only these racks and the knobs … perhaps it’s the jumping square, if I hover with the mouse over the racks, that make me nervious ;o)

It will grow on you though.

And it get’s better…

I’ve started to like the new CR better than the old. But it sure took time.