Let The Grousing Begin: Key Commands

Well, I had my one positive post. :smiley:

Now back to the same complaints. Ten years of SX and…

Sadly, Cubase is still a nightmare without a mouse.

Still no LOCK LOCATOR function.

Still no key commands for some pretty basic things like… getting to the Info Line.

I wouldn’t complain if it weren’t for the fact that the new marketing lit expressly touts having keyboard shortcuts for nearly everything. Rubbish.

I’m partially disabled. Difficulties with mouse. Crap eyesight. Without keyboard shortcuts… or a proper interface for screen readers I can’t imagine the remote control stuff will be much better.

I don’t feel a need to go through a bunch of goop about all the improvements… they are well done. But… It’s been 10 years and these basic key command things should be taken care of. You sorted out the colour thing (mostly) in short order. So please take a few minutes and finally get this squared away. Small thing to you… but BIG to guys like me.


Have you filed a feature request in the Feature Requests Subforum?

Still no key commands for some pretty basic things like… getting to the Info Line.

What other areas would you like to see key commands for, bearing in mind that the default set may have many “blank spaces” due to them having been removed from the Mixer interface (mixconsole), as well some letters might already be in use.

  1. Every year since VST 5. (2000) If you were to search my username… here and on the old Sparky forum… and when I was a b-tester… you’d see a loonng list of: ‘Request Du Jour’… ‘Annual Request’… etc.

  2. There’s almost no limit to the # of key commands they could support. Most people practically use only a small subset of the pre-assigned keys.

I am particularly peeved because some of these things are just SO basic. The number of times one has to shift between mouse and kybd is -ridiculous-. If I didn’t have to go from mouse to kybd literally EVERY 10 seconds I’d get twice as much done. Literally. TWICE as much done.

I need to go to the Infoline to edit a velocity or a start point at least 100 times a day. ONE HUNDRED. If I had a key command to access that Velocity field. Or the Event Start or the Event End fields—that would’ve been worth more to me than ‘MixConsole’. All that stuff looks cool, but if I could simply TOUCH TYPE I would find that far more useful than any ‘remote control’ device.

I’ll go one step further: A $50 typing class and a decent touch type interface would allow one to get far more done with Cubase than a $4,000 SSL interface. Not as Star Trek cool, but eminently more practical.

Most of my playing time is spent with a guitar on my shoulder or next to a mic stand and then one hand on a keyboard. A good moment is one where the mouse doesn’t enter into the equation.


I tend to agree, it would be nice to be able to get to the infoline, even via TAB similar to many other applications that have fields for data input.

It seems a work in progress however.

I had been asking for many months/years about having a consistent view of the Inspector, so when changing tracks; the panes remained and you could for example see track routings, eq etc., simply by using the arrow keys.

Maybe the infoline can be exposed at some point and it will be possible to tab around the display, similar to how a web page that specifies a tab order functions, in the interests of accessibility.

On a personal note, I would very much like to see an ALT + SPACE function implemented, in order to restore/minimize child windows, which could be extended to VST GUI’s so that minimal elements would be visible in a default view but a maximized view would show additional controls, so:

  1. Tab Order specified for the infoline


  1. ALT + SPACE implemented for all child windows and not just the main project window

Maybe it’s a good time to ask, via Steinberg’s “vacancy” page, whether they actually employ anyone who is disabled, directly or in an advisory capacity. You may find yourself a job.