"Let there Be Light" .. ambient Electro Breaks

Originally recorded in 2007 on Sx3 and i thought i had lost the Arr files but managed to find them , it was unfinished so ive just added an ending and left it in it’s true state from 2007

"It’s all about the kick drum and acid "


I think the bass content could still be a bit stronger/heavier but then again this is not my genre.

Thanks .
There is no bass , the bass is reliant on the kick drum and bottom end of the Acid JP8000 sound , i might consider adding some lower harmonics or even an 808 slow release drum and modulate the harmonics and pitch slightly for a bit of life but ive heard this track like this for 14 years and it’s hard to even think what to put with it . ive moved on so to speak

With ’bass content’ I referred to the low frequencies in general. The track sounds fine and I can see that there maybe is little point in working on it any further.