Let us be able to lock certain tracks in the Divided Track list in place

So many times I accidentally scroll in the divided track list and I have very important global things like multiple time rulers and markers there. These need to be able to be locked in place vertically (i.e. immune to vertical scrolling) at all times. This is a time and workflow killer.

One example of many as to why: Since dragging tracks up and down over large portions of a huge project is slow even at the fastest drag speed, the current workaround is to move them temporarily to the Divided Track list, scroll the project quickly to the correct place and then move the tracks to where they need to go from the Divided Track List. The fact that you can’t lock things like markers, etc., in place in the Divided Track List means that there is lots of repeated unnecessary scrolling just to see them again.

Thank you for listening and fixing this soon.

I agree 100%!


IMO the track list should not be scrollable vertically at all. Thats what the track list is for IMO: to lock certain tracks on top and to have them always visible.
Additionally the height of the divided track list should always adjust itself automatically to the size(height) of the tracks which are in it.

I think being able to lock whatever you want in place vertically would solve all of our issues. It should be the default setting for new tracks in the Divided Track List.


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Like Studio One. With a simple show/Hide Kc. Then the track height can be set to a workable size without encroaching on the project view.


just hit the key command

Which key command?? Look at S1 it should be like that. Easy and effective.

Zoom Tracks Full.

If you want a key command specifically for the divided tracks, you can have a Macro with a PLE that selects a track or folder in the divided section and then applies ‘Zoom Tracks Full’

For example, all the tracks I put in the divider are in their own folder with a specific name so that they can all be targeted by name with the PLE.

-PLE: Select Divider Folder
-Zoom Tracks Full

The reason I said no, is am changing how I use that section throughout the course of a project, and sometimes I want to be zoomed in on certain tracks

What you’re all suggesting is what is already happening with the Left/Right viability zones in MixConsole, except you want this applied horizontally in the track divider (as well as maybe in the track list… why not?)

I disagree though that the track divider section shouldn’t be scrollable. I scroll it all of the time on purpose.

Definitely +1 from me. Maybe have a button there that allows locking of the divided track list for users that don’t want accidental scrolls in it. Others that don’t need it, can leave that button disabled or so.