Let us Save our presets

I would love if yo uguys let us easily save our presets and keycommands on your site.
I have just switched systems and I had a lot of technical issues and now my key commands file is not loading. I really think at the very least you guys should fix the key commands export feature so that we can choose a location to save it to. Also the same for prefs as well. Everything should be easily saved and easily loaded.

You can do this using the Profile Manager.


Yes but not to the degree that I am requesting. Tell me where exactly do those key commands get saved? And my prefs? I am requesting that we can save as and choose a specific file location :slight_smile:

Ahhh that is a feature only in Pro which is not cool. It should be available in artist as well

It’s almost like they wanna make you buy their more expensive product. :thinking:

Yes. But that’s a fairly basic feature that should be in all versions. A rather important function for everyone.