Let us save our Templates and Key commands

Let us save our Templates and Key commands where we want, for example a save to desktop
At least let us choose where to store these files so we don’t have to go searching for them. I spent 10 minutes trying to find them after a series of unclear instructions. I am fairly tech savvy as well, I can’t imagine someone who is not trying to find those.

Nothing Here? No thoughts?

While there is certainly confusion in the way key commands are imported -mainly that the import dialog is meant only for files that would now have to be 15 years old- there are clear instructions for locating the files.


Exporting should be easily accessible. We should be allowed where to choose the location. That’s my point here

+1, of course! I also wanted to point to where the info is available.

Isn’t that what profiles are ment for ?

That’s what I hoped for, just had no luck with it (has never worked when I tried) so I’m back to the usual method.