Let VST Live follow the band

had a show on tuesday with VST Live. Audio backing tracks and midi tracks to control the lightshow via QLC+. Worked fine until… the band skipped 4 bars…
How to control VST Live to follow the band instead vice versa?
I´m sure not the only one…

Cheers, Rainer

You can just click timeline to any further position while playing.
But IMHO as soon as realising the 4 bars skipping… belive me, nothing to do to make it smooth…
even if you are able to skip VL with 4 bars (or any bars), the band members are already at 5th or even further away, not talking about beats, or subbeats…

Thank you!
Ok, i thought more of an “automatic refrain/verse detection” thing, or at least restart the track at a specific position as long as the Band is on click.
E.g.: muting the playback when the band messes up and unmute/restart when the next part should start.

With VL2, you can jump across PARTs (back and forth) that is really cool. Maybe that meight help a bit more then :slight_smile:

As soon as clicking on any other PART (any other that is actually played), jump seems to be fired at reaching BAR end :slight_smile:

now we´re talkin…
Just got VL2. I will check it.
Cheers´ Rainer

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Activate FlexLoop,
Create PARTS
Click any of the PARTs while playing back and forth…
additionally can create a new type of track “Song Track” for visual feedback and further tricks :wink:

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As @fkalmus said - it would be hard to jump to the exact point that the band “thinks” it’s at.

Better, maybe, to put notes in the Lyric and give everybody Live Mods?

Re-starting is tough and also may catch band members by surprise, especially when it’s slightly off - been there :slight_smile:

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