Let you Down. New version 11-09-08

This is written last weekend. Would like to have comments what i can do better. I know the timing as bad. But i really like the feeling of the song.


Nice little song there!

As you say the timing is out, so that would probably be the first thing I’d sort out.
I found the guitars rather loud, drop’um down a bit, then a touch more :wink:
The left hand guitar (to me) is a bit harsh and bright and I dont think it compliments
your soft-approach vocal as I think the ‘softer’ wah guitar does.
I’d leave the hi-hat for now, but bring up the snare and kick.

Sorry if that seems a lot, but I hope some of it was helpful :wink:


Pleasant, atmospheric song. Like you said, the timing needs work. I’d get on that as it will raise this song almost immediately :sunglasses:

The wah guitar is way cool :slight_smile:
Good track!

Thank you for listening and opinions!
I will re-record the song and smooth down the left guitar. Also begin the song with short chorus and only one vers before first chorus. Maybe shorter prechorus.

Post again when I am ready!

The timing issues have been touched on, as has the rather edgy/grabby tone
of some elements of the recording, but I’d add the vocal to that as well.
If need be, go in and do some surgery on the file to tame some of the more narly

Simple but effective song, and I really liked it, as well as the overall feel.

Look forward to V.2 :wink:

I agree with what’s been said thus far, and I’d add that the timing issues make it almost unlistenable in spots.
The drum track has a soft feel to it and is also back in the mix. When you retrack those rhythm guitars,
I’d suggest that you push those drums way up in your cans, so that you can hear them more clearly - and that will
help you play it in time. The timing is so off that I can only assume you weren’t hearing/feeling the drums.

I think you’ve got a cool song in there, it just needs to be tweaked into a cohesive whole.


Haha. Yes i know! The timing i sterrible. Only recorded once to metronome. And i am not that good at guitar, yet. Working hard though! The drums is just i vst sample.
New version on thursday.

Ok here is the new version! What do you think?


Wow. That’s like night and day from the first mix. Timing is fine here. Very nice.
If I wanted to nit pick, I’d say that you could add a bit more low end punch to the bass and kick,
and that wah overdub on the right is just a bit louder than it needs to be, but it really sounds quite good as it is.


Thanks Leeny! I agree with you. A bit more attack and low end on the kick and bass. I processed 2+ gain on the wah after vol.automation but agree it is a bit to loud. IPersonally I dont like the arpeggitator-guitar part.
I am using addictive drums but thinking of changing to BFD2 instead. Want a more organic, live drum sound. Maybe a new version later on.

BTW You rock with “3” Really like body turn to dust. Super tight bass and a sweet wah there too. Exactly my kind of music!

As Meatloaf was known to say, “You took the words right outta my mouth.”

I’d also encourage you to look at the vocal file.
The front consonants and the “ch” and “sh” sounds could be less biting and papery.
Not all of them but quite a few.
If it’s not your compression settings, then go into the file and reduce the levels of those
sounds by an average of 4dB. :wink:

Nice, great rerecording!