Let your VSTs and Midi have it all

Hi cubase users

just uninstalled my ATI graphic card drivers windows 7 Ultimate is now cached at 905mb where as before it was well over 2 Gig and only just over 4 Gig free

out of 8 Gig of installed ram i have 7.115 Gig available , 837mb on standby and 6.284 Gig free ( resource monitor )

as a result cubase fires up more snappy and closes down at a quicker rate also midi and VSTs gets a bigger lounch.

it could be worth a try if your project is hungry for more ram more so for 32bit users.

So are you simply saying to Uninstall ATI Catalyst software and use the built-in windows drivers?

Makes a lot of sense actually… if you use catalyst centre that all gets loaded into RAM also… theoretically windows update SHOULD give you the latest ‘officially MS approved and signed’ driver… unless you’re a gamer or need to tweak your displays for other reasons then you don’t really need CCC anyway.